25 agosto 2008


"Earth and the other planets in the Solar System formed 4.54 billion years ago out of the solar nebula, a disk-shaped mass of dust and gas left over from the formation of the Sun. Earth orbits the Sun."

Conventional symbol of planet Earth adopted by science:

Although this symbol corresponds to the solar cross and the zodiac cross aswell, representing our
dependance onto the Sun and its system's other planets, including their magnetic, climatic, existential influence, such as: weather, seasons, natural balances, magnetic and vegetative cycles.
Any geometry concerning these empirical and natural laws (more like "cosmic laws") were represented by mankind through symbolism. The sun cross identifies the four seasons and the four elements (fire, earth, air, water) which constitutes reality onto planet earth, and the 4-based division is referrable onto numerous subjects of the Earth, not to mention the four cardinal points, the rose of winds, the four lunar phases (etc.)

Swastika has been used aswell with almost the same meanings, adding the "becoming" attribute of reality (which is what we perceive as "time").

All major religions in history contain a form of divine solar and\or lunar worship, having the Sun symbolically referring both to our total subsistence to the star Sun itself and the ontological deity asit called "One", using myths and enigmas of esoteric content, granting metaphysical achieving to humans.

In the last centuries we've lost greater part of what was our religious heritage, including scriptures of all sort, but mostly the capacity itself of interpretating these symbols and myths. And we didn't have that much 'physical heritage' itself few centuries ago neither, since the oral-only handing down tradition lasted millennia. Unfortunately this loss was due to severe removal procedures operated by present monotheism fanatics, in larger part caused by the Roman Church all around the globe.

Time has come for free accessibility of global data, thanks to internet which is accelerating the human condivision as nothing ever did. Currently we're lonely beings collecting shattered pieces of an intricate puzzle, and we've never been so badly misguided, separated and individualized in the whole humankind history.

Symbols and religious sacraments have come to prohibition recently: just consider:
- The swastika (the nazi one replaced all of its previous meanings)
- The solar cross \ The earth symbol \ The celtic cross (used by italian totalitarism Fascism, lost almost all of its usage)
- All sacred vegetables and fungi used in greater part of all religions (tabernanthe iboga, amanita muscaria, canapa sativa, salvia divinorum, banisteriopsis caapi, trichocereus, psylocibe cubensis and many others) are now BANNED, legally prohibited and prosecuted in the "CIVIL" world (western or western-conquered, at least).
- Religion has been economically and politically corrupted and misconducted gradually, and this process has been going on for centuries. Futile to add that modern politics (leaded by UN & NATO) and the non-sustainable economic development are collapsing.

Now it is up to you, reader.